Menu Holder Fixing Styles

 Menu Holder fixing-  cord and eyelet method

 Menu Holder fixing- external screw method

 Menu Holder fixing-  corner retainer method 

 Menu Holder fixing-  concealed tube method

 Menu Holder fixing-  Parallel bar fixing method

 Menu Holder fixing-  internal screw method

Menu holder fixing- Slip grip 

Ringbinder fixing


Ringbinder Fixing

All of the available materials are able to be used to made ringbinder/ guest room folders in a variety of sizes and make up styles. from a mix of ring sizes, internal pockets for additional literature, pen loops, business card holders and more.

Bill Presenters

Bill Presenter

Bill Presenters

All of our menu covers are able to be made with matching bill presenters, for these our standard size is 12 x 24cm size with a small bill pocket on the inside right.

bill presenters can be upgraded to contain raised boarders to hold coins.