Menu design Personalisation Methods

Foil printed logo


To add a metallic logo to your covers we require a high quality black and white PDF of your artwork. With this we produce a brass printing plate which is then hand set up on one of our printing presses. This heats the brass block and is used to stamp your logo onto the menu cover.

Standard foil text


At Carrick we offer standard foil text on all of our menu covers. For this print method we hand pick the individual letters and set them in the casing before loading onto the printing press. this then heats the block and a foil is passed under and pressed leaving the foil text on your item.

The fonts available for this text are:

Times-                          36pt, 48pt

Rockwell-                  36pt, 48pt

Old English-              48pt

American Script-   48pt 

Blind embossed logo


Much the same as a foil logo for this we require a high quality black and white PDF of your branding to produce a brass printing block. This is then loaded onto the printing press to head up before being stamped into the cover leaving an embossed branding on your menu cover.

Laser Engraving/ Etching


This method is able to be used across our range of wooden items. To laser engrave the logo we require a high quality black and white PDF file of your branding. from here the Menu covers are then loaded into our laser machine where the top layer of the wood is lasered leaving an exposed  birch wood below. 

Full colour digital print


To add a digital print to your covers we would require a high quality DPF file. With the Digital printing this offers the greatest level of personalisation ever with having a full 7 colour print process. This is able to be added to most ranges of our Menu covers.